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Marketing with Dot is different—we provide multi-channel campaigns, one-on-one support, and access to hard-to-reach distributors and national account operators all year round. We work closely with you to ensure our digital packages and extra features align with your goals. See how Product Marketing can grow your brand.  


Our comprehensive packages and dedicated supplier marketing specialists are here to make scheduling and executing campaigns a breeze.


Grow your customer base with sophisticated targeting. We pinpoint contacts by roles and segments, so your products reach the right audience.


Our monthly engagement reports will give you the insights to measure ROI, track customer engagement, and plan for future success.

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2023 Program

Add sales opportunities to your cart. We’ve updated our program to give you an easy shopping cart experience. Get started by selecting your digital package and extra features.

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Don’t Forget Innovations

Once you’ve made your Product Marketing 2023 selections, explore our Innovations program to make a splash at this year’s trade show.

Incentive Program

When you sign up for Innovations and/or Product Marketing, you earn your way to new business and a spot on our coveted Dot Trip through our Incentive Program! DISCOVER MORE