Canada Creative Requirements

Please submit all assets four weeks prior to the start date. Keep in mind that Dot has final approval on all content to ensure brand consistency.
Content must be submitted as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, or MP4 files.

What's Inside Each Campaign?

Email Exclusive

Choose from templates below. Sample email exclusive shown. Emails must feature STOCKED items only; templates are flexible.

Digest Email

Ecommerce Ads

These ads will be placed on the Dot ecommerce site.


  • Provide images in JPEG format except category logo ads. Logos must be in PNG format with a transparent background.
  • Ads with a white background must have a border. Ads with a color background are recommended.
  • Ads can click through to STOCKED items on the Dot ecommerce website (recommended), POS, external website, etc.
  • Ads can click through to items on the Dot ecommerce website (STOCKED items only), POS, external website, etc.

*This ad type can be designed as an animated GIF to run no longer than 6 seconds.

**This ad type must supply logo in PNG format with transparent background.

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