Product Marketing Specs

Please submit all assets four weeks prior to the start date. Keep in mind that Dot has final approval on all content to ensure brand consistency.


Please submit all assets three weeks prior to the start date.


What’s Inside Each Campaign?

Increase brand awareness and share products and promotions to your target audience.

Email icon

1 Targeted Email

Compelling and actionable ways to tell distributors about new items, promotions, and offers.

Email icon

1 Digest Email Spotlight

Content that’s clear, digestible, and easily-communicated at the heart of distributor news.

Digital Ads

5 Digital Ads

Bring awareness to your brand with our different ad placements on our ecommerce site.


2 Sponsored Search Terms

Owning item-specific search terms boosts your items to the top of the search results.

Targeted Email

Choose from templates below. Sample targeted emails shown. Emails must feature STOCKED items only; templates are flexible.

Template 1

Targeted Email Template 1

Template 2

Targeted Email Template 2

Template 3

Targeted Email Template 3

Digest Email Spotlight

You need to provide us with:

Image: 275 x 275 px
Copy: Up to 70 characters, including spaces
Shop Now Link: Links to products on Dot ecommerce site (STOCKED items only)

Digest Spotlight

National Account Digest Email

NA Email Digest - Pulse

You need to provide us with:

Image: 535 x 260 px
Headline: Up to 29 characters, including spaces
Teaser Copy: Up to 175 characters, including spaces
Learn More Link: This could link to recipes, rebates, or a POS
Request Sample Link: STOCKED Dot item numbers or custom landing page link

Digital Ads

These ads will be placed on the Dot ecommerce site.

Ad TypeAd SizeRun TimeExample

Homepage Billboard Ad*

970 x 250 px
(desktop version, file size less than 300KB)

300 x 250 px
(mobile version, file size less than 80KB)

15 daysHomepage Billboard Ad

Homepage Display Ad*

300 x 250 px
(file size less than 80KB)

15 daysHomepage Display Ad

Category Featured Brand Logo**

120 x 120 px

(file size less than 80KB)

Year-longCategory Featured Brand Logo

Category Display Ad*

300 x 250 px
(file size less than 80KB)

Year-longCategory Display Ad
Sponsored Search Ad*

970x250 px

(file size less than 80KB)

Year-longSponsored Search Ad

Provide images in JPEG format except Category Featured Brand Logo ads. Logos must be in PNG format with a transparent background.

Ads with a white background must have a border. Ads with a color background are recommended.

Ads can click through to STOCKED items on the Dot ecommerce website (recommended), POS, external website, etc.

*This ad type can be designed as an animated GIF to run no longer than 6 seconds.

**This ad type must supply logo in PNG format with transparent background.

Ads can click through to items on the Dot ecommerce website (STOCKED items only), POS, external website, etc.

Sponsored Search Terms

Work with your marketing specialist to identify terms that will work best for your products.

Choose one product per term to feature on the search results page.

Sponsored Search Terms

Social Media Content

Your social media post will be shared on @DotFoods Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages and the @dotfoodsofficial Instagram page.

Social Media Content

You need to provide us with:


  • Facebook Size: 940 x 788 px
  • Instagram Size: 1080 x 1080 px
  • LinkedIn Size: 600 x 314 px
  • Twitter Size: 600 x 335 px
  • File Type: JPG, PNG, or MP4 (MP4s must be at least four seconds long)
  • Available at Dot logo must be on all graphics. Download logo here
  • You can provide up to four images per post. 


    • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram copy must be under 400 characters.
    • Twitter copy must be under 250 characters.


    • Social posts will include a link to your products on Please provide us with item numbers of the products you want to promote, so we can create the link.

    Direct Mail Postcard

    Direct Mail Postcard

    You need to provide us with:

    Company Logo

    Images: Any images to be included in postcard design

    Copy: Up to 400-600 words

    Call to Action: URL to link to your website, social media, etc.

    Send Us Your Creations

    Please submit all assets FOUR WEEKS PRIOR to the start date.

    Extra Features

    Interested in more extra features? Please work with your marketing specialist on all other media requirements, including video, face-to-face events, and more.