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What reporting does Dot provide?

We provide a monthly engagement report to our program suppliers detailing several key metrics for both email marketing and ecommerce ads. This includes a summary of the available components for each program.


Suppliers who purchase our Brand Builder Insight or Pro packages will also receive email analytics. Marketing specialists will send a link to Email on Acid, where suppliers can view real-time click and open rates on their emails as well as heat maps which show the parts of the email receiving the highest engagement.

Brand Builder Pro packages include detailed sales reporting. Some sales reporting is available to all suppliers on request.


What metrics are included in the monthly engagement report?

The engagement report summarizes metrics for emails, digital ads, search terms, and telemarketing.

  • Email metrics include number of recipients, opens, open percentage, clicks, and click through rate.
  • Digital ad metrics include ad views and click through rate.
  • Search term metrics include number of searchers and top three item clicks.
  • Telemarketing metrics include the number of quality contacts and samples requested.
How do I know when content is due?

Please contact your supplier marketing specialist and request that your email be added to our monthly mailing list. This will ensure you receive a monthly reminder notifying you when content is due.

Can Dot provide sales reporting for marketing campaigns?

Yes, we provide detailed sales reporting to suppliers who purchase a Brand Builder Pro package. Some sales reporting is available on request. 

Available sales data includes:

  • New SKUs: Customers who haven’t purchased the item in over a year.
  • New Customers: Customers who haven’t purchased from the supplier before.
  • Customer Segment: A breakdown of the different customer segments who made purchases during the campaign.
  • Line-item breakdown of all sales.
  • Name, location, segment, channel, and buying group of customers. 

An FAQ page detailing these metrics is included with sales reporting.

How do I receive sales reporting?

Detailed sales reporting is available to suppliers who purchase a Brand Builder Pro package. Some sales reporting is available on request. Contact your supplier marketing specialist and request a campaign sales report. We typically wait eight weeks after the end of the campaign to run sales reporting and ask for a two-week turnaround upon request.


What is an open rate?

The open rate measures the percentage rate at which emails are opened. Our email open rates are 58 percent higher than the industry average, meaning our emails are opened by a higher percentage of recipients than most emails in our industry. 

Due to some inaccuracies with open rate tracking, open rates are typically used by marketers as comparative metrics rather than absolute metrics.

What is a click-to-open rate?

This metric is calculated by the number of unique clicks divided by the number of unique opens. This is an indicator of relevancy. If more recipients open and click the email, that suggests the content aligns with expectations and is relevant to the reader.

What are good metrics for Dot ecommerce ads?

These averages are broken down on the engagement report that we send out monthly. We consider a good click rate to be higher than the program level average for each ecommerce ad. The U.S. average click rate is about 0.05 percent.


What are the guidelines for using the Dot logo?

For several of the components of our digital packages, we ask that you utilize our approved logo and follow our specific guidelines. The logo and guidelines can be downloaded here.

What is Dot’s privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be viewed here.

What is the difference between an informational and a promotional email?

 An informational email sells the features and benefits of your products to Dot’s distributor customers. It would answer the question, “Why would a distributor want to buy this product?” This can include new item information, general brand awareness, on-trend product application, or market statistics. Use this to teach the distributor anything about your product that would encourage them to purchase the item for their operators.

A promotional email offers an incentive to customers. The incentive could be in the form of an off-invoice promotion, bill back, rebate coupon, sample offer, or operator incentive.

What are other suppliers doing to get positive results?

The most positive results come from suppliers that determine their ultimate goal and directly address it through their messaging. This ranges from informing current customers about a new item to driving new points of distribution with an incentive offer. Our suppliers also find great success in using their campaigns to run promotions or provide samples. 

When suppliers narrow down their target audience, they can make the marketing message much more personal and relevant to the recipients, which improves engagement. Best practice is to run an ad alongside your email campaign. In addition, peak placement of your keywords in ads and email marketing will drive positive search results.

Are there any changes from the 2021 program?

We have added a new Brand Builder Insight package, which consists of three campaigns. You can learn more about our digital packages here

You can now promote your products on our social media channels through our social media content feature. We’ve also provided more opportunities for our telemarketing feature. You have the option to use our telemarketing campaign to reach out to leads you generated at Innovations or for marketing research. We can still work with you to deliver samples to your telemarketing audience. Learn more about our features here

Ecommerce ads, sponsored search terms, and DSR and national account operator emails will only be available as extra features to those with digital packages. We have introduced a new sponsored search ad to our extra features that is also only for digital package holders. Telemarketing, sales training, and some other extra features are still available to those without a package. Learn more here.

What are the other supplier marketing opportunities available at Dot?

Innovations is Dot’s annual trade show exclusive to our customers, national accounts, and suppliers. The show is full of opportunities for exhibitors to network with a range of customers. We also provide premium entertainment, branding services, and seminars from industry thought leaders. Learn how you can participate in Innovations 2022 this April. LEARN MORE

By participating in Innovations and Product Marketing, you work towards becoming eligible for our Incentive Program. Through our program, customers who buy any of your products for the first time earn points to go on our Dot Trip, an all-inclusive vacation. Your company can also earn an invitation to our trip. Find out more about the Incentive Program on our website. VISIT SITE

I don’t see my question listed here.

Contact your supplier marketing specialist or email if you are unsure who your specialist is.

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