New Supplier Marketing

As a new supplier to Dot Foods, you have the opportunity to take advantage of free exposure to over 5,500 customers. You can spotlight your brand in our weekly New From Dot email as well as a 15-day ad run on our ecommerce site. Find out how.

New Supplier Benefits


Dedicated Specialist

Your dedicated supplier integration specialist is committed to providing one-on-one support at every step of your onboarding process.


Product Awareness

Enjoy several opportunities to promote your products, including two emails, an ecommerce ad, a social post, and your logo featured on our ecommerce site.

shopping cart

Ecommerce Availability

With your products on our ecommerce site, you can expect to drive sales. 25,000 carts are checked out each month on our website.


Dot Co-branding

Use our “Available at Dot” signage and logos at trade shows and in marketing materials to ensure everyone knows where to buy your products.

Proven Results

Want to grow your business faster? Suppliers who used NFD increased sales 78% in the second month vs 32%.

Avg. Opens Per Email

Contacts Per Email


Avg. Click to Open Rate

Avg. Clicks Per Email

Let us help promote your brand in a few easy steps.

New From Dot

1. Create your email content

Five items are needed to successfully create your email:

  1. Image: 535 x 260 px
  2. Headline: Up to 29 characters, including spaces
  3. Teaser Copy: Up to 175 characters, including spaces
  4. Learn More Link: This could link to website or POS
  5. View Items Link: STOCKED Dot item numbers or custom landing page link

2. Create an ad for our ecommerce site

Let us help you drive exposure for your brand with an ecommerce ad that really pops.

Provide all images in .jpeg format or an animated .gif to run no longer than six seconds.  Ads with a white background must have a border. Ads with a color background are recommended.

Category Display Ad

Will feature on the New! page where we proudly display our new partnerships at Dot.

  • 300 x 250 px (file size less than 80kb)
  • 15-day run time

3. Submit your request

Once you have the above items ready, upload images and provide other details through our marketing request form. You will also have the chance to choose your target email and website audience and send additional instructions or comments to your digital marketing specialist.

DEADLINE: Four-week lead time is required for all marketing assets.

    score card

    4. New Supplier Engagement Reports

    The engagement report provides a summary of the tools that are available to you to use and detailed statistics on the performance of the tools you’ve already used during the year. You will receive your engagement report the second Friday of each month.

      Would you like to continue with some additional marketing?

      Contact Monica at and she can walk through the Product Marketing program.

      View Product Marketing options here.