Incentive Program

Gain new business and new connections. Whenever a customer orders one of your products for the first time, they earn points towards Dot Trip 2024, an all-inclusive Mediterranean cruise. From June 21-27, 2024, the Silverseas cruise will take eligible customers and 55 suppliers from Barcelona to Rome with stops in Spain, France, Monaco, and Italy.
With a luxury trip on the line, customers are more motivated to buy your products. But that’s not all you can get from our Incentive Program.

Your Incentives

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New Business

Don’t you want new customers? Or repeat buyers trying more products? Customers will be more inclined to purchase your products if it will help them make the Dot Trip.

New Connections

Dot Trip is an unforgettable experience. Make your brand unforgettable by joining the action. Connect customers one on one during a first-class experience.

New Insights

Each month, we’ll email you a scorecard to help you track the new business you’re generating through our Incentive Program.

Two Levels, Countless Opportunities

Qualify For Our Program

To become eligible for our Incentive Program, fill your cart with Product Marketing and Innovations packages, features, and sponsorships.