Digital Packages

More Ways to Grow

In the digital age, every brand needs a digital marketing strategy to raise product awareness. With our digital packages, you get our most impactful marketing tools bundled into easy-to-use packages. These packages are the only way you can reach customers through our emails and ecommerce ads. Your supplier marketing specialist will work with you all year to schedule your campaign and target distributor buyers.  

This year, we added a new package to give you more options to grow your brand. Choose the best match to promote your products.

Brand Builder


1 Campaign
Consisting Of:

  • 2 Emails
  • 5 Ecommerce Ads
  • 2 Sponsored Search Terms
  • Monthly Engagement Reports
Brand Builder Advanced


2 Campaigns
With a Total Of:

  • 4 Emails
  • 10 Ecommerce Ads
  • 4 Sponsored Search Terms
  • Monthly Engagement Reports
NEW Brand Builder Insight*


3 Campaigns
With a Total Of:

  • 6 Emails
  • 15 Ecommerce Ads
  • 6 Sponsored Search Terms
  • Monthly Engagement Reports
  • Real-Time Email Analytics
Brand Builder Pro*


4 Campaigns
With a Total Of:

  • 8 Emails
  • 20 Ecommerce Ads
  • 8 Sponsored Search Terms
  • Monthly Engagement Reports
  • Real-Time Email Analytics
  • Sales Reports

*With this program alone, you qualify to drive new business through our Incentive Program. More details here.

What’s Inside Each Campaign?

Targeted Email

1 Targeted Email

Increase brand awareness and share products and promotions to your target distributor audience.

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With our targeted email, you don’t have to share an email with other suppliers. You have an entire email to craft your unique message and design to make your products stand out. 

  • Easy-to-use templates.
  • 27.81% open rate (54.51% higher than industry average).
Digest Email Spotlight

1 Digest Email Spotlight

Get featured in our weekly digest email that serves as the heart of distributor news.

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Distributors count on our weekly digest email to discover new suppliers and products. Work with your marketing specialist to target send lists to ensure your content gets in front of your most important audience. 


    • Easy-to-use templates.
    • Target send lists by roles, segments, or sales data.
    • 27.37% open rate (52.04% higher than industry average).
    • Talk to your supplier marketing specialist about scheduling your digest email spotlight after Innovations.
    Billboard Ad

    1 Billboard Ad

    Occupy the biggest space on our ecommerce website to drive traffic to your products.

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    Put your brand front and center by occupying the largest ad space on our ecommerce homepages.

    Billboard Ad
    • Average Website Views Per Month: 560K.
    Display Ads

    2 Display Ads

    Grow brand awareness with prominently-placed ads on the homepage of our ecommerce website.

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    Customers will have no problem finding your products with ads prominently displayed on our ecommerce homepages.
    Display Ad
    • Average Website Views Per Month: 235K.
    Sponsored Search Terms

    2 Sponsored Search Terms

    Soar to the top of ecommerce search results by owning product-specific keywords on our website.

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    There are over 512K searches each month on our ecommerce website. By owning an item-specific search term, your products are sure to receive more attention.

    Sponsored Search Terms
    • Boost one product for each reserved term.
    • Reserve each term until the end of the year.
    • Work with your marketing specialist to find the best search terms for you.
    • Product images are required to sponsor search terms.
    1 Category Logo & 1 Category Display Ad

    1 Category Logo & 1 Category Display Ad

    Show customers that you have the products they’re seeking by advertising on relevant ecommerce category pages.

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    Make your brand synonymous with a particular category by showing your ad or logo on a category page. 

    Category Display Ad

    Category Display Ads
    Category Logo

    Custom Campaigns

    NEW Enterprise Package

    Looking to really make your marketing campaigns stand out? Spend more to build your own elite package! Create campaigns consisting of the digital package components and extra features you want.

    Discuss pricing and options with your supplier marketing specialist.

    Expand Your Audience

    Supercharge your ROI and connect with hard-to-reach customers by sending emails to distributor sales representatives (DSR) or national account operators. These emails are only available to digital package holders.


    DSR Email

    $2,500 per email

    • Reach 4,000 DSR contacts
    • Recommended to promote new products or operator rebates

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    National Account Operator Targeted & Digest Emails

    $5,000 for 2 emails

    • Reach 1,600 national account operators
    • Recommended to offer samples or promote trending products

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    Want More?

    Extra Features

    Extra Features

    Our packages also give you exclusive access to features to boost your campaigns. Include additional emails and digital ads, videos, postcards, and—for the first time ever—social media posts to drive more brand awareness.

    Creative Requirements

    View specs and requirements for all our features and packages.